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SnapTube is one of the most popular applications for downloading video and audio from various video sites such as Youtube and SoundCloud as efficiently as possible.

While we use different social media, we often encounter funny videos and want to keep them on our phones or share them with friends.
But the most social networking apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others, don’t provide you to download videos through them.

Why do social media applications not provide video download?

There are several reasons why these videos have ownership rights for their owners. Social networking applications try to preserve and protect these rights. Social networking applications want users to continue to visit the site every time they want to watch the video.

So there’s a video download app you must to install them in your smartphone, especially users who like sharing video moments with others. At any time, you can download any video you want( Facebook video, youtube, twitter, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo ….. ).
And you’ll be able to share your video with friends instead of just sharing links.

Snaptube is one of the best applications for downloading video from the Internet; it’s characterized by the ease of downloading the large video. From viewing suggestions, and presents videos engagingly and beautifully. Not only that, it supports video downloads in a variety of ways and can upload videos with very high quality up to 8K

Websites supported by Snaptube

The most popular sites that SnapTube support them :

And more ….

Download Videos With Snaptube App

With Snaptube app, you will not need any other application regarding downloading a video to your phone. The application supports video loading with several different quality, whether weak, medium or high quality, In addition to downloading the video as audio-only without a picture, the available fonts are:

high-quality video

2K HD, 2K 60FPS
4K HD, 4K and 60FPS
1080p HD, 1080p 60FPS
720p HD, 720p 60FPS

Medium quality


low quality



MP3 160K
MP3 128K
MP3 70K
M4A 128K

Download Snaptube for android

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