how can I make Money Using tik tok videos? 2020

how can I make Money Using tik tok videos?
Hi, I’m Kamro and I’m Going To show how you can earn money on youtube using tik tok videos.
how can I make Money Using tik tok videos? 2020 1

1- Create A New Youtube Channel

First, You Need To Create A new Youtube Channel.
choose your channel name and create a beautiful picture,
Your channel name must contain the word “Tik tok” like “funny tik tok Vid, tik tok challenge .ect”, this keyword helps You to lead the search engine.

2- Search For Videos In The Tik Tok Application.

then, we need to search for the videos we want to share it on the channel.
Try to make all your videos have the same scope
Because this is the key to success on YouTube.
so where we can find these videos?

you need to install the tiktok application on your phone and open it, then we use our keyword on the hashtags box.
example: Let’s say my keyword it’s ” fun or funny ”
let’s put it in the hashtags box and click on the search button.
Hundreds of videos will appear to us which has my keyword hashtag.
now we select our video We keep pressing, then click on download. now we have our funny video on the phone.
We will repeat this method with 10 more videos to make a compilation.

3- Edit You Compilation ( PC or Android )

you should use any program you want to edit your videos and try to make a unique compilation, for me the best and the easy program for pc is sony vegas pro. if you want to use only your phone, search for any application on the play store and use it.

So after completing your editing, upload the compilation on your channel. 

choice an Attractive tittle, because 50% Of Success Depends on your choice of the title.

4- Share Your Videos On Social Media

We’ve finished everything about the video and now we need to search for viewers.

you should share your compilation on social media ( facebook Instagram, etc ) or take care of search engine optimization.

Try to take care of the number of videos you post, Don’t publish too much and don’t forget your channel.

Tik Tok Website

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