Best Selfie Apps 2019

Best Selfie Apps 2019

You are a selfie lover looking for awesome apps that help you to take pictures ?. ok, You are in the right place.

today I will give you the best three apps that help you to make A wonderful picture with high and Clear quality and other features.

1 – CamMe

cam me

This application is amazing, You can put the phone away from you and All you have to do is open your hand and close it.
congrats You took a picture.

CamMe have other features, such as taking 3 quick pictures and professional image editing.

this application contains many filters to adjust the images only from one click.

(CamMe available Just For Ios)
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1 – Snap Me Up


Snap Me Up has a great and useful feature at the same time, Moreover taking and editing photographs, Snap Me Up can be run as an alarm for deep sleepers.

the alarm clock will not stop until you open the camera and take a selfie with open eyes.

This app has a facial recognition feature To prevent you from cheating.

selfie alarm

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selfie app

Do you want to take a picture somewhere, and you can’t go there?

Now that is possible.

With SelfieApp, you can take a picture anywhere without having to go there and just in a few seconds.

All that you have to do is choose where you want to take a picture (e.g., Eiffel Tower ) then, Take a photo.

The app has almost all the beautiful places in the world, which you can choose one of them.


Download This App For Android

Download This App For IOS

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