Best Android App To Learn English

best android apps to learn and improve english, develop, progress your commercial skills with these apps ” duolingo, memrise …. and more”. start learning English now for free and for beginners.

1- Memrise


Memrise is among the best apps currently available in the Google Play store to learn English and discover any language you want, whether in terms of pronunciation, writing phrases or listening.

This application and with a very beautiful way develops and improve your memory, also linguistic potential, whether you are a new language student or You want to develop your skills.

All the languages you want to learn are available in Memrise, You can learn English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and many other languages”.

If you are interested in progressing your language skills in any language you want, without the need for teachers, Schools, and Universities, I advise you to download this excellent application.

Memrise is available for IOS and Android Devices, you can also study from Their official website

Visit & Download Memrise Here on their Website here

2- Duolingo


The Duolingo app contains a range of activities and a series of lessons that help you to progress your skills in any language you want to learn, Without the need for a teacher to teach you.

after you create your account in Duolingo ( For free), You are asked to determine the language you are specialist in and the language you wish to learn and professionalism, Then you can begin to learn.

There are many languages you can learn with Duolingo such as ” French, English, German, Russian and many other languages “.
One of the best things you can learn with the app is conjugation, past, present, future, name, numbers, and more …..

Learn languages Will be with voice and image, making it easy to understand vocabulary and words.

Download Duolingo Here on their Website here

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3- Rosettastone


rosettastone. It is the best app that you can get experience in any language you want to learn, rosettastone app teaches you in a wonderful and very entertaining way, You can use the microphone for correct pronunciation,
writing and listening to vocabulary.

There are several lessons to learn about the application,
Such as pronunciation, Vocabulary, grammar, names and numbers and many other things.

There are many worldwide languages you can learn and improve your language skills Such as ” English, French, Chinese and many other languages “ Without the need for Schools and Universities to learn and discover your favorite language.

rosettastone app is available on the paid and free version, also It’s available on Android devices, IOS, and computer( windows and mac ).

Just download and install it and start developing your language skills

Download Rosettastone Here on their Website here

4- Babbel


babbel is an application Similar to Dolingo In teaching methods, but It is for people who understand French.

Is one of the best French applications to help you study any language you wish to progress your experiences and abilities in, Such as ” English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German and various different languages “.

babbel has gained great fame and is one of the best applications currently available for teaching and improving your language ability.

this app is available on the paid and free version.

Download babbel Here on their Website here

5- Bussu


This application provides you tutorials, It even gives you exercises, you can do to develop your language skills In great ways, such as “vocabulary, grammar ….etc”.

You can learn by listening to vocabulary, writing, and speaking with your Phone microphone.
Start to learn any language you want to progress your experiences in, like “Spanish, English, German, China and more language ….”.

This application has several Educational lessons, Which makes you learn any language with easy and clear ways in a short time.

Bussu is available for free, just download it and start your learning outside of school

Download Bussu Here on their Website here

6- Zamericanenglish ( Only For Arabs )


Is the best application for Arabs who want to develop and learn international languages, easily and in a short time with this application.

when you open Zamericanenglish app. You will see 3 Icons,

study: and It’s a library of all existing lessons that allow you to learn without any annoyance.
just the first level is unlocked, And when you completed, you pass to the next level etc …
The beautiful thing in the application. You can write notes while watching lessons, also You can choose the difficult words for you, and put them in a special folder to review them on their individual.

Practice: and It is reserved for review, just Your hard words, and Vocabulary ( your special folder )

chat: It is a room for learners who want to practice the language they learn with other people, You can talk to people from the application and exchange knowledge with them. In order to improve and correct your language skills and experiences.

Important note for the Zamericanenglish app users :
You can obtain a certificate of competence and professionalism After completing all tests ( level ), you pass the first exam from the app, And if you succeed. you pass an oral test with the owner of the Zamericanenglish app.
this is a great and free app that helps you to learn English, it’s available for android devices.

Download ZamericanEnglish App For Android Here

visit ZamericanEnglish youtube channel

7 – speaking pal

speaking pal

It’s a very excellent application to learn and understand English for free on your phone, you can Speak with live video and get instant feedback, There are many quizzes you can take in this speaking pal to advance your pronunciation, writing, and listening to people who speak English.

speaking pal is another app that helps you, just download it and enjoy.

Download Speakingpal Here on their Website here

8 – Hellotalk


it’s the best application for me that help you to improve your skills, build your language knowledge through skilled and professional staff, you can join an audio or written conversations with these people.

right !, I will explain to you well,
For example:
You are fluent in English and want to learn Italian, You will start a conversation with someone who is fluent in Italian and wants to learn English.

In this way My Friend you can learn the language you want very easily, Just choose the language you want to learn and start the study.
a simple advice for you .

after you register with hellotalk, you should complete your profile
Because anyone who wants to learn with you will read your profile.
With this app, you can filter the right people for you, or find the nearest person to you.
You can also find all the people who are online.

hellotalk is amazing and I liked it frankly. It is one of the most famous applications. just download, install it , and have fan .

Download Hellotalk For Android From playstore

ownload Hellotalk For Android From the official website

Download Hellotalk For IOS

Thank you for your time on your blog 🙂

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