2019 Best Apps To watch Tv shows and movies for free

Which are the best free apps to watch tv shows online and for free?
Looking for an Android app to download or watch channels movies?
So Get ready to get the list of the top available apps on google play store to watch films and series on your phone ( Android ) for free.

1- Showbox Apk ( Free )

Showbox Apk download

Showbox app and in the latest update has become one of the best applications to watch movies for free, which includes a large number of films and tv shows “Drama, action, comedy, anime and many other categories“.

it’s the best place to watch your favourite film with high quality and excellent sound.

Showbox Apk Download For Android

2- Crackle Apk ( Free )

Crackle Apk download

crackle is another application that lets you watch all new and exclusive movies on your smartphone for free (android).

The app doesn’t contain too many movies and tv show, but you will find films that you will not find in other applications.

It also does not have a translation feature. You can only watch the film in the original language, for example, English for American movies (Hollywood, etc.).

Crackle Apk Download For Android

3- Popcorn Apk ( Free )

Popcorn Apk download

popcorn time app is one of the best smartphone application that allows you to watch American and international movies and TVshows.

This application is excellent, how not and it has the translation feature of many languages such as Arabic, French, English, Spanish and many worldwide Languages.

This application is a vast library of films where it contains a massive number of movies and tvshow that you can see on your phone and without Monthly subscription.

As well as the quality of the video, which you can control, whether weak medium and high ( 240p, 360p, 480p, 1080p ).

Crackle Apk Download For Android
( Download Also For Windows and Mac here )

4- Snagfilms Apk ( Free )

Snagfilms Apk download

SnagFilms is an easy-to-use application. The application is simple in design. You can search Movies through the category latest updated or the most Popular.

Snagfilms have a nice feature that allows users to share movies with friends on social media websites. It also includes a wide range of films from all over the world, including Arabic films.

Snagfilms Apk Download For Android

5- Cinema Box Apk ( Free )

Cinema Box Apk download

Through the CINEMA BOX app, you can watch and follow your favourite movies for free & for Android smartphones.

This program includes a fantastic collection of movies, series and TV shows. You can easily download what you want on your device or watch directly online.

cinema box has cool features such as “Secure and free content, Daily updates for movies and series, Many quality sources.”

Cinema Box Apk Download For Android

6- Netflix Apk ( Paid )

Netflix Apk download

Netflix is a very popular website where you can watch any movie or even video, with very high quality without any ad breaks.

This site has developed after being founded by Reed Hastings. And now Netflix is a movie streaming service that allows their customers to watch a different kind of TV shows, documentaries and other award-winning products through the smartphone.

Netflix Apk Download For Android

7- Viewster Apk ( Free )

Viewster Apk download

Viewster is a beautiful application that enables you to download and watch various movies and serials that you want conveniently and practically.

The user can also categorise movies by language, category, actor or producer. It also provides information about representatives, in addition to the news related to them.

Viewster is the preferred app for me, I recommend you to install it on your android device.

Viewster Apk Download For Android

8- Flipps Apk ( Free )

Flipps Apk download

Flipps app is not only for watching movies but also for stream TV shows online without paying a subscription.

This application is compatible with Android. There is no doubt that you get quality movies and TV shows, but also gives you access to a wide range of songs.

Flipps Apk Download For Android

9- Tea TV app ( Free )

Tea TV app download

Tea tv is another streaming apps. It’s available with three free versions of Android, Mac and PC.

Tea tv Suggest you watch new movies and serials comfortably and without any subscription.

This Great app is a powerful competitor to all movie and series streaming websites for the ease of use. In addition, Tea Tv provides many film translations.

Tea TV Apk Download For Android

best live tv app for android

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